One of the best things about this semester is that I am getting to research and write about topics that I am passionate about and fascinated by. Spending my spring break venturing to a new coffee shop every day and working has not felt as tedious as one might expect because I’m hungry for more information about food and its role as our nourishment, our culture, our comfort.

Right now, I am working on my paper for my ecocriticism class on the connection between global warming and animal product consumption.

Wading through dozens of sobering facts and statistics, I started thinking of all the meat and dairy slogans I have heard in my lifetime and how they are forever ingrained in my mind.

Are some of these in yours too?

It’s interesting to note that I’ve never seen a “Carrots. They do a body good.” ad or a poster proclaiming “Kale. It’s What’s For Dinner.” even when facts do show that both those foods are infinitely better for you than a glass of milk or a T-bone steak.

It’s mind-blowing to see the kind of power industries have to become part of our daily routines, our thoughts, and our lifestyles even when it’s all based on a bunch of bologna.

(Pun intended.)

Crazy, huh?


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