Drink Up


This spring break has been very tame by college standards.

There have been no jello shots, no trips to the beach, no cruises.

And yet, I’ve been completely content and happy.

Perhaps it’s due to listening to this on repeat.

Or the high levels of yummy beverages flowing through my veins the past few days.

Octane – Grant Park

Dancing Goats

Aurora Coffee

Cherry Vanilla Creme

San Francisco Coffee Roasters

Honest Ade

Octane – Westside

Inman Perk


Either way, break has been magnificent.


2 Responses to “Drink Up”

  1. 1 Ayanthi

    I’ve had the zero calorie honest ade lemonade, and I’ve gotta say I didn’t like it! I guess stevia can’t properly sweeten everything. 😦

    • It’s definitely a different sorta taste! I hate it in coffee but I loooove Zevia. And the lemonade wasn’t at all like I expected, but I liked it in it’s own kinda way.

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