Global Growers


Hello, world. It has been a while. I have missed you.

To explain my absence…life. It has been a hectic few weeks filled with assignments, coffee-making, and the ups and downs of college.

But today, I went and volunteered at a Global Growers site called Bamboo Creek.


A few hours of digging and digging and finally wandering the bamboo forest happened. 


I didn’t have time for this volunteer project. Papers and projects needed to be done. Groceries needed to be bought. Facebook needed to be lurked. 


And that is just why I needed this quiet morning doing little more than sticking a shovel in dirt over and over. 


It was perfectly simple.



The work will get done. The petty problems will fade away to the back of my mind. 


But this morning in the sunshine is going to stick around in my head for some time. 


2 Responses to “Global Growers”

  1. 1 Sue

    omgosh! are you going to go again? can i go with you next time?

    • I applied to intern there this summer so hopefully yes! 🙂 Or we can do a volunteer day…They also have Grant Park & Decatur farms!

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