I keep telling myself that when I graduation comes in May, it’s going to be easy.

I am going to be so completely ready to say


see ya later


to the place I will have called home for four years.

I am ready to move on, I think. I believe that I’ve seen all there is to see. I don’t feel that connection that I keep waiting every place I go to to give me.

That feeling that says this, this will be your home.

But then I hop on my bike and ride getting lost in the city’s streets.

No destination.

No plan.

Just pedaling.

And I am reminded of just how much I love it here.

How much I have grown and changed.

How many times I have gotten lost in these streets.

How much I love the wrap-around porches, the how y’all doin’s, the warm summer nights.

And I realize how hard it really is going to be to say goodbye.


2 Responses to “ATL”

  1. I clicked on your name in the Beautiful Mess comments, and just wanted to say hi after browsing your blog! Atlanta is a pretty cool city & I loved your 22 before 21 list!

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