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I keep telling myself that when I graduation comes in May, it’s going to be easy. I am going to be so completely ready to say good-bye see ya later sayonara to the place I will have called home for four years. I am ready to move on, I think. I believe that I’ve seen […]

Da Roo


Last weekend, I went to Bonnaroo. While I had planned on capturing every delicious festival food bite, I foolishly chose to rely on my iPhone which died within one day so I didn’t get much. I may or may not have drained the battery with shameless attempts to Instagram as soon as I got there. […]

Hello again


Hello world. It has been a while. Over a month. I’ve missed you. Life has been filled with farming with caffeine, with a trip home, and, as you may have noticed by this pictures, plenty of shameless Instagraming. But I am back.



I know…I have been crazy busy and been gone from the blogworld far too much, but I watched this video today and found it interesting and far more inspiring than any thinspo blog. Enjoy.

So Perky


Sometimes, I go to Inman Perk all day and completely out-hipster myself. And am totally ok with it.



I saw this contest posted in The New York Times earlier this week and am dying to read the winning essay. The contest asks writers to explain not why meat is tasty or convenient to eat but why it is moral. I’ve never heard an ethical argument in favor of meat eating. Lots of comments about smoky flavor, about […]