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I know…I have been crazy busy and been gone from the blogworld far too much, but I watched this video today and found it interesting and far more inspiring than any thinspo blog. Enjoy. Advertisements



Sometimes it is easy to forget how amazing, beautiful, and perfect we all are. We stress about just how many dripping spoonfuls of peanut butter we’ve eaten straight from the jar in the past 24 hours. We spend hours in stores trying on swimsuit after swimsuit longing for the cold days of winter when it’s […]



Last week, I had to read a piece to my¬†Interdisciplinary¬†Studies class introducing who I am and why I believe what I do. I chose to frame the essay through my eating seeing it as a moment to proudly share an issue that has quickly become central to my life and as a moment to share […]

I love cows so much, I’ll post a grainy, MySpace-y, painfully awkward picture just for you. And to support PETA’s campaign against this nonsense. If you’re just as much of a dork/care about this issue as much as me, send me a picture of you and YOUR favorite nondairy milk and I’ll post it here. […]

The Whys


I am often asked why I am vegan. Asked to pinpoint one specific reason. One defining moment. One solitary motivator. For health? I am asked. For the environment? For animals? I’m asked to choose. To rank them in neat little, easy-to-understand categories. But, the truth is, I can’t. So many moments add up to last […]

Thin White Girl


Thanks to my favorite life diver for directing me towards this girl. Basically summed up my 5,000 word paper in 2 minutes and 48 seconds. Kudos, my dear.

While I may be home, my semester’s work is not quite finished. I have spent the past few days typing a paper slowly nearing the 5,000 word mark on attractiveness messages in media. The research process has been fascinating, disturbing, and eye-opening. I’ve been scanning pictures, articles, and studies trying to make sense of who […]