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Pizza Night


Girls night midterm study break? Pizza in 10. Too easy. Advertisements

Chocolate x2


There are few things more glorious, wonderful, and delicious than good chocolate. In its purest form, it’s packed with healthy goodness. In cookies, cakes, and brownies, it makes any moment indulgent and celebratory. There are also few opportunities I get to share its goodness just how I like it with others. Today, we had a […]

Last night, I went to see some talented Emory grads, The Shadowboxers, play at Wonderroot, one of the coolest places in Atlanta. It was a late night, and then I woke up bright and early to hit up the Morningside Farmers’ Market with Emory’s Slow Food Chapter. And braved the freezing temperatures to pick up […]

Pizza Kid


For some unexplainable reason, one Halloween memory that stands out visibly in my mind was an afternoon carving pumpkins in our backyard with my brother. I have no recollection of what I carved into my pumpkin that particular year. (Though I can assure you it was probably far better in thought than execution.) But, I […]



Got your attention there, didn’t I? No, I’m not eating butter. Yes, I hope Paula Deen stops promoting slathering everything in it. And, yes, I did roast butternut squash tonight. 1 hour, 375 degrees. Because I have (as usual) managed to schedule myself within an inch of my life this semester, preparation is going to be […]

As a kid, my favorite dessert was vanilla ice cream topped with cereal. My cereals of choice were usually Smart Start or Raisin Bran. I hated most “kid” cereals. I picked the marshmallows out of Lucky Charms and handed them over to my brother if I was ever stuck eating them. Most of the time, I […]