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Before I left San Francisco for Atlanta a few weeks ago, my wonderful parents took me to my beloved city’s famed Greens Restaurant. My darling younger brother so responsibly just sent me the pictures he took yesterday. After I nagged him. (Love you, little T.) With the passage of time, I don’t remember what the […]



Yesterday, my wonderful veggie group and I finally made it to the Loving Hut in Beşiktaş. Though my Thai soup wasn’t very attractive you should never judge a book by its cover. (Or a soup by its color.)  



So…may or may not have ditched the Couch Surfers and gone to Zencefil with Natasha. I know, I know. We’re lame. But we couldn’t resist Homemade ginger ale, Crazy dense bread, my lentil kofte her spinach pie my dried fruit, nuts and sorbet and her chocolate cake. Could you? Such a good decision. My tummy […]



Sometimes you get really excited because you’ve finally found a restaurant in Istanbul with vegan cake. Which is absolutely a must to ensure full marathon recovery. So you order a nice tofu salad and make room for the big finale. And then         they are out of vegan cake. Oh Govinda, why? On […]