So Perky


Sometimes, I go to Inman Perk all day

and completely out-hipster myself.

And am totally ok with it.




I saw this contest posted in The New York Times earlier this week and am dying to read the winning essay. The contest asks writers to explain not why meat is tasty or convenient to eat but why it is moral.

I’ve never heard an ethical argument in favor of meat eating.

Lots of comments about smoky flavor, about its being “natural” and “normal,” about everything other than, “It just really sits right in line with my beliefs and values.”

It’s an issue I struggle with communicating. After all, I was raised an omnivore, and am only about a year out from my “Ah-hah!” moment. Who am I to judge?

And yet, after everything clicked for me, all I have wanted to do is teach people the connection between this

And this beautiful little creature

What are your thoughts on this contest? Any arguments out there?

New Noms


Being the incredibly observant girl I am, it only took me two months to realize that Rainbow Natural Foods is just about a 10 minute walk from my apartment now that I live all the way on the other side of Lullwater.


I went there yesterday and got some new products to try.

Whitney’s mentioned dulse a few times and I read all about the benefits of sea vegetables in The Kind Diet so I’ve been curious about it for awhile. It’s a red seaweed that’s high in iodine.

On to some potatoes it went.

I had forgotten how ridiculously good crispy potatoes are right out of the oven.

And the dulse added a little something extra to flavor them.

And then I bought these

Chocolate needs no explanation.

The ingredients list is clean, pure, and simple. And makes the possibility of making these myself a pretty good one.

Rainbow, I’ll be back soon.



Sometimes it is easy to forget how amazing, beautiful, and perfect we all are.

We stress about just how many dripping spoonfuls of peanut butter we’ve eaten straight from the jar in the past 24 hours.

We spend hours in stores trying on swimsuit after swimsuit longing for the cold days of winter when it’s so much easier to hide under scarves, jackets, and hats.

We see that number gazing up at us between our feet on the scale and suddenly it feels like those three little numbers are all that we are.

And when I say “we,” I really mean I.

Though you may have your own hang ups too.

But then I read about More Love Letters or Operation Beautiful.

Or get a bunch of compliments on my hair.

Or walk out into a glorious and sunny afternoon.

And I remember that, just like you, I am amazing, perfect, and beautiful.

Spread the love, gorgeous, fantastic, wonderful people.

Drink Up


This spring break has been very tame by college standards.

There have been no jello shots, no trips to the beach, no cruises.

And yet, I’ve been completely content and happy.

Perhaps it’s due to listening to this on repeat.

Or the high levels of yummy beverages flowing through my veins the past few days.

Octane – Grant Park

Dancing Goats

Aurora Coffee

Cherry Vanilla Creme

San Francisco Coffee Roasters

Honest Ade

Octane – Westside

Inman Perk


Either way, break has been magnificent.

Spring has finally arrived in Atlanta and I took advantage of the 80 degree weather and biked from Emory’s campus to the Decatur Wednesday Farmers’ Market.

At the corner of Church St. and Commerce Dr., the little market was abuzz with people shopping in the late afternoon sunshine.

Vegetables, salsa, and olive oil were some of the highlights.

The market makes a point to only accept organic and/or sustainably produced goods and is open year-round making it a regular source of fresh produce, baked goods, and specialty treats.

Those baked goodies aren’t vegan, but I’m seeing some recipe inspiration!

And many more trips to this lovely little market in the future.



One of the best things about this semester is that I am getting to research and write about topics that I am passionate about and fascinated by. Spending my spring break venturing to a new coffee shop every day and working has not felt as tedious as one might expect because I’m hungry for more information about food and its role as our nourishment, our culture, our comfort.

Right now, I am working on my paper for my ecocriticism class on the connection between global warming and animal product consumption.

Wading through dozens of sobering facts and statistics, I started thinking of all the meat and dairy slogans I have heard in my lifetime and how they are forever ingrained in my mind.

Are some of these in yours too?

It’s interesting to note that I’ve never seen a “Carrots. They do a body good.” ad or a poster proclaiming “Kale. It’s What’s For Dinner.” even when facts do show that both those foods are infinitely better for you than a glass of milk or a T-bone steak.

It’s mind-blowing to see the kind of power industries have to become part of our daily routines, our thoughts, and our lifestyles even when it’s all based on a bunch of bologna.

(Pun intended.)

Crazy, huh?