Lazy Crazy Hazy


Today was one of those snack attack days where my stomach just didn’t want to quit/I was supppper sleepy. Rather than overanalyze, I went with it. Sometimes, you just gotta go with your gut.

I think I fried my Magic Bullet this morning blending my green monster of peaches, banana, greens and oat/rice/soy milk…it was smoking…awesome.

The rest of the day has been bits of this, that and the other. I think my 6 hour treks + marathon training finally have my bod screaming for a break. My standard snackage all day long pretty much. No photo-worthy excitement.

Conveniently, the weather was sucky so I walked around the campus area and a nearby mall before it started to drizzle and then gave myself some much needed rest/trip planning time. Do I see a 9pm bed time heading my way? I think so. Am I embarrassed? Not in the least. I don’t think this little cutie minds either. 🙂



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