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Liquid Joy


People sometimes look at me funny when they find out about my love of coffee. But aren’t you some kind of health nut? (Hippie-dippie, tree-hugging freak, that’s me!) And coffee’s not exactly a “health food,” is it? (I would argue that’s debatable. Check here, here and here.) No cheese but coffee, yes? (No baby nourishment by-product […]

City Grrrl


Last night, my friend generously hooked me up with a free ticket to see Cansei de Ser Sexy courtesy of one of her roommates. (Thanks Danielle!) I didn’t know this awesome Brazilian band before and had been missing out. Hard-core women rocking out are the best. Since I was a little girl, my secret wish has been […]



I will never get tired of the classic nut butter and jelly combo. Salty, sweet, buttery and if you buy/make chunky nut butter (which is always a must in my book) crunchy. Heaven. I may or may not have made almond butter and thrown it in a wrap with cherry jam and a banana for dinner. […]

Blog Lovin’


I’m all wrapped up in trying to study so there’s not much excitement to share. (Trying would be the operative word there.) But I did read this post from one of my favorite bloggers today and thought I’d share it. I found it incredibly relatable, honest and inspiring. Though this blog has definitely evolved since […]



I’ve realized that you might have been reading this blog the past few months and been wondering what is going on. Is this a food blog? Is this a vegan lifestyle blog? Is this a travel blog? Is this a let-me-share-every-mundane-random-thought-I-have blog? If you have thought any of the above (and probably more) I would […]

Le Bux


A few weeks ago, Starbucks opened at Bogazici. This is dangerous. And this picture is sketchy. But then, so am I.



I’ve become a master at using the squatty potty. No more awkwardly trying to hide a pee-soaked boot. (I have no shame. I’ll admit that happened.) No more holding it praying I make it until I get to one of the buildings with a “modern WC.” That might be more than you cared to know. […]