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So. Much. Love.


Folks, this is the face of someone who (yes, has no shame) just made herself CCK’s ONE-MINUTE Chocolate Cake. In a Ritual Coffee mug. (Note the beautiful state of California adorning its side.) Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers. Because with all of you (and chocolate), I’ve got all the love I need. Advertisements

So Spicy


Today, I ended up passing by the Spice Bazaar again and so headed through to get some of the teas I had passed on last night. Being the skillful shopper I am, I headed towards the outside booths since they tend to be a bit cheaper. I returned to a stall my friend and I […]



I’ve become a master at using the squatty potty. No more awkwardly trying to hide a pee-soaked boot. (I have no shame. I’ll admit that happened.) No more holding it praying I make it until I get to one of the buildings with a “modern WC.” That might be more than you cared to know. […]

Bran biscuits: part of the survival kit for the 3 day trip to Cappadokia. Mmm fiber. If they make me pay 40TL for booze I’m not drinking Saturday and 15TL a day for a buffet I probably won’t want to eat at as the trip planners are trying to push, I’m not going to be […]

So Bogazici has tons of cats and dogs. Everywhere. On the quad, laying around on the stairs, napping under bushes. Being the creeper magnet that I am, it is only natural that I attract not only bizarre humans, but furry friends as well. Even in a group, they make a beeline for me. I’m so […]

Creeper Magnet


Highlight of the day: A Turkish woman came up, grabbed my hair and dissolved into a fit of giggles with her two friends. And then walked away. After 20 years, having random people grab, squeeze and attempt to run their fingers through my hair doesn’t even phase me. Note: Your fingers WILL get stuck so […]