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After some meds and a less than pleasant night, all has returned to normal in tummyland. Wooo whoo! I hate taking medicine though so I’m getting to the bottom of this sooner or later. Whatever this is will be¬†conquered! That being said, I wasn’t about to get all adventurous in the kitchen yet. But maybe […]

American Idiot


Right now, I should be out with the veggie crew enjoying our Thursday night dinner…instead, I’m in bed, feeling just like right before I left for this trip. ūüė¶ My online searching tells me I’m showing¬†symptoms¬†of a parasite, anxiety (Get a grip, Cass. Classes JUST started.), food¬†sensitivities or¬†bad food…so basically who knows? Awesome. I’ll spare […]

I speak English. I sorta know Spanish. I’m rusty, but I was once pretty fluent in American Sign Language. I’m now trying to learn Turkish. & I feel like a failure among all these European kids who already speak like 5 languages. (see the like thrown in there? I’m also fluent in Californian. Go me.) […]

Day 2 of classes – check! Since I had a 9 a.m.-er who’s location I was a little¬†shady¬†on this morning, I pushed working out to the afternoon. And then my hips decided that now was the perfect time to be uncooperative again. So I ended up walking the back part of my out and back. […]

Last night, in my typical fashion, I could hardly sleep. I’ve never been able to sleep before the first day of school – too much excitement, too many things that could go wrong…sleep just never happens. Today, after briefly snoozing, I was up early and ready to tackle my workout and get on with the […]

Many the Miles


Today, I woke up ready to take on my longest run ever. It was time…to break out the fuel belt. Oh yes. I normally don’t like to eat before early runs but I figured it would probably be a good call before this so I had these shots did some yoga and set off with […]

I woke up early to salute the sun with mah gurl Jillian for an hour before trying to make a smoothie. And then failing. I miss my bullet already. But no matter because then I decided to take my fail and make lemonade. The lemonade being fruit cereal as I’d seen Katie¬†eat. Peaches + bananas […]