Bebek Trek


Today, I decided to take a different running route and explored Bebek behind campus. So THIS is where all of Istanbul’s runners have been hiding from me! Tons of running space along the marina. It was perfect and I actually went longer than I was supposed to because I was so pleased with the discovery. No more trying to tempo down the streets with people getting on/off buses, loading up on simit and blocking every inch of the street like yesterday! Halle-freaking-lujah.

While nomming on this post-workout,

I bit into this

It looks small, but it was an unpleasant moment indeed.

Moving on.

An excellent mid-morning pick-me-up.

Today, I was supposed to go thrifting with one of my veggie buddies (because that’s what happens when you get a Californian and an Oregonian together in one place), but we ended up having to reschedule so I took care of some errands instead.

Hitting up GNC, school supply shopping, finding several potential study spots in Bebek…a leisurely day. It’s a cool little district with lots of shops and cafes. Very new and young which is why it’s called Bebek aka baby.

I tried yet another new tofu today recommended to me at Bayla last week for lunch.

Success. I also must say that I’m kinda glad I lost my fork. I’m digging this whole eating with chopsticks thing.

I wish I could say that I got creative with dinner and finally was able to ask one of the roommates for use of their supplies, but I had a headache.

Instead, lazy snack plate dinner it was.

It happens. That chocolate oat milk is so good; I almost wish I’d just had a pitcher of it.

Early bedtime to get rid of this headache and rest up – Princes’ Islands at 9am tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Bebek Trek”

  1. Try Zencefil, a vegetarian restaurant, or Peanut Cafe, a gluten free place. Both are in Taksim!

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