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For me, writing has always felt like the safest form of communication. If I write things, it seems as if my alter-ego or someone else entirely is saying them. There is safety in that, a lack of responsibility, a lower risk. This blog, for example, makes it easy for me to talk eating, awkward moments, […]

These are jokes that I will never be able to explain nights that I will look back on years from now with joy and laughter songs that will take me back to a moment memories that will last a lifetime.

Merry Christmas


Today is my first Christmas away from San Francisco. But getting to spend it with some of the most best people I know in this beautiful city isn’t too bad at all. In fact, it’s wonderful. Merry Christmas.

5 Friday Things


1. Sorry I have been slacking lately. So much to see. So much to do. So little excitement in the culinary department. 2. Wednesday, my friend and I were on the bus talking when all of a sudden the bus driver turned and screamed, “MADAME! LÜTFEN!” and then proceeded to mockingly make talking mouths with his […]

LOVE. Chicken lovers.

So Spicy


Today, I ended up passing by the Spice Bazaar again and so headed through to get some of the teas I had passed on last night. Being the skillful shopper I am, I headed towards the outside booths since they tend to be a bit cheaper. I returned to a stall my friend and I […]

Leaving for study abroad, I will admit a part of me was filled with sky-high expectations. The experience is supposed to be life-changing, incredible, completely unforgettable. Taking off in September, I envisioned myself returning in January a new person. Better, faster, stronger in every sense. My expectations were unrealistic. Could just under 4 months change […]