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Double Dose


Hello, dear readers! Yesterday, I took a trip to Berkeley with my friend Carina (who I’ve known for 15 years!) & then decided to stay at her house reminiscing about the good old days of our youth. So, I had a little blog break, but I’m back now! Yesterday’s post-run breakie was pretty standard – a smoothie […]

15 Days


Until I’m in Istanbul, that is. Holy moley. Where has the time gone? My super long summer is finally coming to a close and I’m off on 3+ months of adventure! Trying to decide what to pack has been tricky…do I shove a couple 2 lb. bags of green protein powder into my suitcase or […]

Pre-long run shots shots shots shots: Yes, I was up at 6am on a Sunday slurping down a chocolate Clif Shot before a 90 minute run. I have no idea why I felt the need to get THAT early of a start to the day…insanity? Golden Gate Park barely had anyone there & it was […]



Saturday morning = cartoons? Nope! Yoga. Holy guacamole is it crowded on Saturdays. Packed before class: Quick lunch before heading off to the g-ma’s. Not exactly innovative, I know. But I love Amy’s. Snackage: I’d never tried this flavor before – so yummy! 🙂 Dinnah with Christina at Fresh Choice. Aww brings back post-high school track practice […]

Run run run


Post 8-miler, I had the usual. kale + banana + soymilk + blueberries + almond butter + cacao powder For the first time in months, I actually timed myself on my run. Hello slowest miles I’ve run in like 6 years. Oh. Mah. Gah. Yikes. I haven’t really been running with time goals in mind […]

Happy 2-1!


Nope, I’m not 21 yet, but my fam bam is. Happy anniversary, Mom & Dad! 🙂 I started the day off with the usual post-run smoothie. kale, banana, soymilk, almond butter, cacao powder & dates. As a runner, the importance iron has always been pushed on me. However, I’d MUCH rather get my iron from chocolate […]

So you know I love Kris Carr. After lurking her site quite a bit, I finally bought and quickly read her book, Crazy Sexy Diet. I’m not sure any future diet will ever be able to top that name. Doesn’t it just make you want to get up and do something awesome?! It’s full of positive […]